Our Services

  1. Every consultation is free of charge, guaranteed! We are here to answer your heating and air conditioning concerns.
  2. Regardless of the age or make of your unit, our technicians will operate in a fast and efficient way to assist you! With your wallet in mind, we only charge a flat rate of $70 as soon as our technician steps foot on your property, with an additional $30 per hour.
    $70 + $30/hr
  3. Many companies would gouge your wallet with a $80 - $100 service call fee. For installations, we only charge $45 per hour plus unit and material costs!
    $45/hr + Unit and Material Cost
  4. We will do a thorough cleaning and inspection of your unit for only $70. This includes the $30 technician fee and $40 preventative maintenance fee. (note: If a problem is discovered, the service turns into a repair charge, with the $40 cleaning & check included) Be sure to ask us about our Spring and Summer Specials!
    Preventative Maintenance
    $70 + Material Costs