Saving Customers Money on Service Calls!
Air Flow Is Everything!


Repairing your unit!

Regardless of the age or make of your unit, our technicians will operate in a speedy yet efficient way to assist you with your issue! Our technicians will begin troubleshooting your unit, testing every device, saving you the time and money on future repairs!

Because other companies rely on your unit to fail,  many technicians of other companies do not put enough care in their time and effort with your unit, often leading to false predicaments and assumptions, leading to future service calls and in turn, more costs! 

 We at Rush Heating & Air care about the science behind the units! realizing that with every cause is an effect! Your unit can fail at any given moment! Our technicians will give you their 100% accuracy and explanation as to why your unit was failing and if/how we can further prevent this problem from happening again, leading to your satisfaction and saving you more money!


We charge our customers with the thought of your future in our hands!
Because of how costly repairs can be,  We charge our customers a flat rate of $70 as soon as our technician steps foot on your property. Many companies would charge you an $80 - $100 service call fee.
As soon as our Technician comes to your assistance, you will be charged $30.00 per hour that our technician is on property. any time they leave the property for any means, you will not be charged. 
Any extra costs that you as the customer will be responsible for will be the cost for any parts that we replace, and refrigerant per pound if any. Please keep in mind that any specific parts that are replaced in your unit can cost anywhere between $5 and $350. You as the customer will be notified and presented with a receipt of the part, as to avoid confusion for costs.  
Please keep in mind that is is our right as a company to persue any  and all lack of payments with a legal dispute through the court of law! It is your right as a customer to be notified