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  1. Lower Service Cost!
    Majority of Heating and Air businesses charge between $75 and $85 for consultation on your utilities alone! Schedule an appointment now and we will save you that consultation fee and solve the issue for only $70 (hourly technician charge of $30/hr included)
  2. Increased Efficiency!
    Because we are an authorized dealer of Pre-vent filters for both internal and external filtration, we can guarantee that with our monthly preventative maintenance checks, along with the Pre-vent filtration, you will see an increased efficiency in both your heating and air conditioning, and a decrease in those expensive service calls! Air flow is everything!
  3. Certified Technicians!
    When you are under the assistance of Rush Technicians, you are under the care of our company! Our technicians are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure that each job we encounter will be a safe and efficient one for you and our technicians!
  4. Customer Satisfaction!
    Many Companies that are in the business of heating and air conditioning rely on your unit to fail. We differ from the other companies by relying on your unit to last! Our ultimate goal is to help you, the customer, save money on expensive service and labor charges, by performing the preventative maintenance you deserve!

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